Garthorne Road Nature Reserve

An oasis of calm in Forest Hill

Friends of Garthorne Road Taskday

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One of the volunteer taking out invasive species

Saturday 24th November

10am – 1pm

The friends will be doing some glade improvement by taking out some small trees and invasive species such as Holm oak, Snowberry and Ash to allow light into the area also laying dead hedging to increase the biodiversity

The friends do a range of tasks from September to March over from litter-picking to meadow improvement. if interested please contact the friends for further information.

Barbecues or dogs please.
Sorry: No on-site toilets
Workday will be canceled if raining or windy
Entrance in Beadnell Road

Please bring gloves if you have them and wear suitable clothing and footwear
Bring a drink and food if required
If require any more information please contact us;


Website: Garthorne Road Nature Reserve

Facebook: Friends of Garthorne Road Nature Reserve

Twitter: @garthorneroadnr


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