Nature's Gym volunteers building steps
Nature’s Gym volunteers building steps


There are a number of ways in which you can get involved at Garthorne Road. You could either volunteer through Nature’s Gym or maybe help by opening up the site so that local people can visit.


We are also keen for schools to use the site and if you are a school and are keen to get involved, please contact Lewisham’s Nature Conservation Officer who will be able to help. More information about how schools can get involved on Lewisham site can be found on their blog.

Friends Group

Friends groups are made up of volunteers who wish to have a say in how their local parks and nature reserves are maintained, developed and used.  Some of these groups are constituted and organise entertainment and conservation activities as well as apply for funding to make improvements.  They work in partnership with the local authority and Glendale (Park User Groups).  There are already a number of Friends Groups in Lewisham which help the Council out in a number of ways.

Garthorne Road Friends Group

There is now a  Friends Group for Garthorne Road.  We are newly formed but have plenty of plans for the future, these include helping the Nature Conservation Team at Lewisham Council manage and open the site on a regular basis. They also help to carry out a number of surveys (butterfly, wildflower) and lead guided walks. We also hope to work closely with our Friends at Devonshire Road who are just on the on the other side of the tracks.

If you are interest in joining the  Friends Group, please contact the Friends.


To get involved please contact the Friends of Garthorne Road
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Friends of Garthorne Road blog
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