Spotlight on Garthorne Road Nature Reserve – Wood Warbler

Recently, I was sent some articles from the Chair of the Friends.  These articles were in the former Friends of  the Great North Wood newsletter The Wood Warbler.  The Great North Wood once stretched from Deptford to Selhurst.  The largest remaining area of the Great north Wood is Dulwich Wood and Sydenham Hill Woods, both managed by London Wildlife Trust.

I am not sure how old this ‘Spoltlight on….. Garthorne Road Nature Reserve’ is, but the information is correct, including the overall management aim ‘to maintain a mosaic of habitats.’!

Article from Wood Warbler
Article from Wood Warbler

There are a number of other articles which you might find interesting.  These are about the same tract of railway (New Cross – Forest Hill) and the water courses of the Great North Wood.

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