Cancellation of all Friends of Garthorne Road Nature Reserve events

COVID – 19 Coronavirus

The Friends of Garthorne Road Nature Reserve committee has taken the difficult decision of cancellation of all the groups upcoming workdays and events including Open Days in line with the government’s new advice to avoid non-essential travel and contact.

Blackthorn blossom

If you are symptom free, we encourage you to get outside and enjoy the weather and enjoy the spring weather and emerging flowers like the blackthorn blossom above. Nature reserves such as One Tree Hill or Sydenham Hill and Dulwich woods are still open or local parks such as Horniman Gardens (Museum is closed), Hilly Fields or Dulwich Park. Please avoid public transport and close contact with others by social distancing ensuring you are 2 metres away from other people (Unless it is you same householder member(s) when you are out and about.

It’s a real shame that we’ll have to take a break from all the fantastic work we’ve been doing but I’d like to take this moment to thank you for the volunteers who have helped improve the reserve with their hard work and dedication over the last few months.

We apologies to everyone who was planning to attend upcoming workdays and will let you know of any changes to the groups position on this as they occur.
Please keeping checking the groups multi -media pages or contact us by e-mail.

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