Project: Dead-Hedge 14th April taskday results

Project: Dead-Hedge is a program of constructing these structures around the site to stop trampling of the ground flora and provide a habitat for insects and hedgehogs. We are using the cut brash from the line-side clearance by Network Rail and putting in posts and filled them with the cut martials.

The friends do regularly workdays from step construction to tree felling to improve the important areas from becoming scrub and loss of important grassland areas.

If you are interested in joining the Friends on one of their taskday check it out on our Spring-summer Workday 2019 page.

Taskday 9th March results

We had a good turn out on this taskday with five willing volunteers to constructed a set of steps and handrails in between the earth embankment which is probably from earthworks of the construction of the railway. We also done some habitat creation building a dead hedge which will be shelter for insects and hedgehogs and a litter pick.

The friends maintain and manage the reserve on behalf of Lewisham Council Conservation Section to enhance the biodiversity of the site.

We will be doing some taskdays during the summer with some more steps construction and habitat creation such as dead hedges and enhancing the glade areas. Check the Spring and Summer workday 2019 section.