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The latest Friends Group minutes are now available for all to view.  At this latest meeting the Friends discussed how they should spend their £2500 funding on.  The grant is specifically to improve the entrance to the site, but there are a lot of options open to them.

The funding has come as part of the Kenneth White legacy.  Kenneth White, ‘was a widely published author of local environmental, social and geographical issues.’  He sadly passed away in 2012, but bequeathed some money to Lewisham’s Nature Reserves.  It was agreed by the Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership that part of this money should be used as grants which for local Friends Groups could bid for to make improvements to their site.  The first of these grants was awarded to the Friends of Garthorne Road to improve the entrance to the nature reserve and make it more welcoming.


2 thoughts on “Friends of Garthorne Road minutes and funding

  1. Thanks to the Committee for your hard work on improving the nature reserve. I think a change to the entrance at the end of Beadnell Road would improve the amenity on that corner and provide a more welcome entrance to the reserve. I would like to get involved But could not attend the recent meeting. I can provide a link to Dalmain School if that is helpful.

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    1. Hi there, thank you for your message and support of the work planned. There are plenty more ways to get involved, so if you are still keen, all the contact details are on the blog. I am sure that the group would be happy to hear from you.

      I think one of the committee members has a contact at Dalmain School, but thank you for the offer.

      Best wishes,



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