Volunteers at Garthorne Road Nature Reserve
  • Volunteering at the reserve is open all. If special arrangements are required, please.email garthorne.reserve@gmail.com 
  • An adult carer must accompany volunteers who are vulnerable adult needing specialist care and support, in accordance with the Reserves Safeguarding policy.
  • To abide by Lewisham Council and Friends of Garthorne Road Nature Reserve Health & Safety policy, all regular volunteers working at the reserve must complete a volunteer registration form.
  • All new volunteers will be given a ‘Tool safety talk’ and briefing before starting to help on the reserve.
  • Volunteers will not be allowed to operate any specialist equipment (other than general conservation/gardening tools) without proof of proper certification and training.
  • Volunteers should exercise caution at all times. The reserve has previously suffered fly-tipping and so ‘dangerous’ materials, such as glass and metal might still be buried.
  • All Volunteers should wear appropriate clothing for conservation tasks, which reflect the weather.
  • All volunteers must wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and safety footwear should be worn if using hand tools or operating machinery and the operator should only be fully trained to use it and have fully understood the operating procedure set out in the machinery manual.
  • Volunteering activities will be advertised via the website and on social media, as well as via the Friends mailing list.
  • Should volunteers require proof of their hours of work, the Conservation Coordinator would be happy to provide a letter of logged hours.
  • Volunteers must ensure they are familiar with the Garthorne Road Nature Reserve health and safety policy.
  • Volunteers should note that it is not guaranteed that a trained first aider will be on site during the session.
  • The committee is not liable for valuables going missing. Please leave valuables at home. Bags and personal equipment are left in the shed at the discretion and risk of the owner.
Workday on Beadnell Road Glade