Help us improve Garthorne Road Nature Reserve

This is the blog for the Friends of Garthorne Road Nature Reserve. We are a dedicated group of local residents keen on protecting and preserving this wonderful site to ensure that people of Lewisham (and beyond) can enjoy the delights it has to offer.

The Friends formed in January 2016 and have plenty of plans for the future, these include helping the Nature Conservation Team at Lewisham Council manage and open the site on a regular basis. They also help to carry out a number of surveys (butterfly, wildflower) and lead guided walks.  We are also keen for schools to use the site and if you are a school and are keen to get involved, please contact the Friends who will be able to help.

 If you are interest in joining the  Friends Group, please contact the Friends.


To get involved please contact the Friends of Garthorne Road
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Our current constitution can be downloaded from here (PDF, 84KB).

Management Plan

A Management Plan was written for the site in 2003.  Although this is quite old there is still quite a lot of interesting information in there, including a description of the site and a description of the different habitats. A new 5 year management plan for 2020 is now in the process of been written and hope to publish it soon.

Nature Trail

The Nature Trail was also written some time ago, but again it contains some useful information of the type of flora and fauna that you might see at the site.   It consists of 10 stops of interest throughout the site.  At each stop you will discover the different trees and flowers found there. A new Nature Trail is in the stage of been rewritten and published soon.


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